“How Lucky” Book Review and Dream Cast!

I’m not one for hyperbole but, my goodness, How Lucky by Will Leitch is one of most compelling and memorable books I’ve read in years. This is the kind of book that reminds you why you love to read, and why even after a not-so-good book you always go back for more. It made meContinue reading ““How Lucky” Book Review and Dream Cast!”

‘The Thursday Murder Club’ review and dream cast

If there is anything my day job has taught me, it’s that you never underestimate the underestimated. Case in point: I have an 82 year old man on my caseload who ran over his brother. And no, not because he’s a bad driver or can’t see or has dementia. He meant to do it. AndContinue reading “‘The Thursday Murder Club’ review and dream cast”

‘Who is Maud Dixon?’ Review and Dream Cast.

The above represents my reaction to Who is Maud Dixon? by Alexandra Andrews. Think of the know-it-all in your life you just want to get away from. The overly critical person who has a comment for everything because they think they are better, but are jealous underneath the facade. And even if they don’t haveContinue reading “‘Who is Maud Dixon?’ Review and Dream Cast.”