Inspired by ‘A Million Things’ by Emily Spurr

I’ll be blunt. A Million Things by Emily Spurr will break your heart. But know the following: even as you lie on your kitchen floor shattered and ugly crying into a dish towel after reading this remarkable book, you will be better for it. We all need a reminder that we aren’t alone, even ifContinue reading “Inspired by ‘A Million Things’ by Emily Spurr”

Inspiration: ‘ The Sound of Gravel’ by Ruth Wariner

This is in honor of Ruth Wariner’s 2016 memoir The Sound of Gravel. The book is a jaw dropping account of survival and perseverance of a young girl raised in an abusive and impoverished polygamist cult based in Mexico. Oh, how people will twist religion (and live in another country to avoid the American justiceContinue reading “Inspiration: ‘ The Sound of Gravel’ by Ruth Wariner”