Inspired by ‘The Song of Achilles’

It took author Madeline Miller ten years to write The Song of Achilles. And her hard work paid off. Although it was released in 2011, the novel still pops up on the NYT Bestsellers list and it’s 2021. Ten years of work followed by another ten making its mark! This epic story about the greatestContinue reading “Inspired by ‘The Song of Achilles’”

Art inspired by ‘Circe’ and dream cast.

Finally, a consistently overlooked goddess is given some love. What happens when the daughter of the god of the sun is put into the shadows for eternity? Circe by Madeline Miller will renew your love of Greek mythology, and serve as a reminder that even the most powerful can be outcast and rejected by theContinue reading “Art inspired by ‘Circe’ and dream cast.”