Inspired by ‘Kindred’

Kindred is a timeless novel about time. Imagine going about your day when you just get snatched into history because you have a connection – unknown to you at the time- to a specific individual you are linked to in history. And what if that time period just so happened to be 1815, when slaveryContinue reading “Inspired by ‘Kindred’”

‘The Dictionary of Lost Words’ Review and Dream Cast

This novel is historical fiction at its finest. How the Oxford Dictionary came to be was an arduous process that took decades, and I didn’t realize until reading this novel how intense and long the process was. The credit usually goes to men. And with all those men, you can imagine that words used byContinue reading “‘The Dictionary of Lost Words’ Review and Dream Cast”

‘Raft of Stars’ Review and Dream Cast

What an adventure Raft of Stars by Andrew J. Graff was! This coming-of-age story about two ten-year-old boys on the lam in the north woods of Wisconsin after they think they’ve committed a crime is so full of heart you’d have to be absent one yourself to not appreciate it. The story takes place inContinue reading “‘Raft of Stars’ Review and Dream Cast”

‘The Lost Apothecary’ Review and Dream Cast

Spoilers ahead. Life can suck. We hurt ourselves and each other. We get sick, or we lose others to sickness. We lose our parents, or our children, or both. There is poverty, hunger, homelessness. It’s all so much, this world. So, it’s no wonder that we often look for a little magic. And when weContinue reading “‘The Lost Apothecary’ Review and Dream Cast”

“The Invisible Life of Addie LaRue” review and dream cast

Spoilers ahead. How ironic that a story about a woman that no one remembers is one of the most unforgettable books I’ve ever read. This was brilliant. I devoured this months ago, and I still find myself thinking about it. And that says a lot, because unlike an elephant, my memory is not long. What did IContinue reading ““The Invisible Life of Addie LaRue” review and dream cast”

The Book Woman of Troublesome Creek

What an excellent work of historical fiction Kim Michele Richardson has gifted us. If you ever want to see the impact a government program can have on the lives of people who need it most,The Book Woman of Troublesome Creek is one such example. FDR’s New Deal funded the Pack Horse Librarians of Kentucky, aContinue reading “The Book Woman of Troublesome Creek”