If ‘12 Angry Men’ were made today

I drew this for my teenage niece. She has a learning disability (she said it’s ok if I say that) that makes it difficult for her to retain information. She has always been a visual learner, and it’s just hard for her. She tries so hard. Her English teacher assigned 12 Angry Men and isContinue reading “If ‘12 Angry Men’ were made today”


Absolutely in love with the artwork on this movie poster for Flee. Told through mostly animation, it’s the story about an extraordinary journey of a child refugee from Afghanistan. So timely, considering what Afghan children are going through as we speak. Sundance Grand Jury Prize winner. Upcoming release scheduled for 12/3.

Frame this.

Like I said on Twitter, I would like this picture of Bill Murray wearing this outfit and two watches to the premiere of The French Dispatch preserved and put up at The Louvre next to the Mona Lisa. The sight of his outfit in contrast to Tilda Swinton’s sharp suit is HIGH ART.