‘Beautiful Things: A Memoir’ Review

This will be a somewhat lengthy review. Because there’s no other way to do this memoir justice. If at all. I remember it clearly. Barack Obama is running for the Presidency in 2008 and a journalist corners him. He’s asked to comment on Sarah Palin’s daughter, Bristol, who has just disclosed that she will soonContinue reading “‘Beautiful Things: A Memoir’ Review”

‘Devolution: A Firsthand Account of the Rainier Sasquatch Massacre’ review and dream cast

Man, do I love a good Sasquatch massacre story to lift my spirits during a deadly pandemic. I’m being serious, by the way. This was so freaky I felt better about the circumstances we currently find ourselves in. Leave it to Max Brooks to remind me how good we’ve got it, even when we’ve gotContinue reading “‘Devolution: A Firsthand Account of the Rainier Sasquatch Massacre’ review and dream cast”

‘Who is Maud Dixon?’ Review and Dream Cast.

The above represents my reaction to Who is Maud Dixon? by Alexandra Andrews. Think of the know-it-all in your life you just want to get away from. The overly critical person who has a comment for everything because they think they are better, but are jealous underneath the facade. And even if they don’t haveContinue reading “‘Who is Maud Dixon?’ Review and Dream Cast.”

‘The Seven Husbands of Evelyn Hugo’ Review & Dream Cast

Perhaps I am too biased to be able to give a fair review of the novelThe Seven Husbands of Evelyn Hugo by Taylor Jenkins Reid. But I’ve never been one to back down, so here we go.  Beginning in what we now call the “classic Hollywood era”, the story is about Evelyn Hugo, a blonde bombshellContinue reading “‘The Seven Husbands of Evelyn Hugo’ Review & Dream Cast”

‘The Lost Apothecary’ Review and Dream Cast

Spoilers ahead. Life can suck. We hurt ourselves and each other. We get sick, or we lose others to sickness. We lose our parents, or our children, or both. There is poverty, hunger, homelessness. It’s all so much, this world. So, it’s no wonder that we often look for a little magic. And when weContinue reading “‘The Lost Apothecary’ Review and Dream Cast”

‘The Minders’ Review and Dream Cast

What do we do when hackers get so proficient they are able to breach even the most secure networks? No computer is safe, no firewall is strong enough, and storing the data in a brick and mortar is no longer a viable option? What can the government do when nothing seems to work, and livesContinue reading “‘The Minders’ Review and Dream Cast”

“The Invisible Life of Addie LaRue” review and dream cast

Spoilers ahead. How ironic that a story about a woman that no one remembers is one of the most unforgettable books I’ve ever read. This was brilliant. I devoured this months ago, and I still find myself thinking about it. And that says a lot, because unlike an elephant, my memory is not long. What did IContinue reading ““The Invisible Life of Addie LaRue” review and dream cast”

The Book Woman of Troublesome Creek

What an excellent work of historical fiction Kim Michele Richardson has gifted us. If you ever want to see the impact a government program can have on the lives of people who need it most,The Book Woman of Troublesome Creek is one such example. FDR’s New Deal funded the Pack Horse Librarians of Kentucky, aContinue reading “The Book Woman of Troublesome Creek”

My Dark Vanessa Review and Dream Cast

A fiery red headed teenager is victimized by an adult male she idolizes. We’ve heard it all before. We’ve seen it in the news. We’ve read Lolita. So, what sets My Dark Vanessa, by Kate Elizabeth Russell, apart? The answer: Timing. The novel goes back to the late 90s, when Vanessa meets her abuser andContinue reading “My Dark Vanessa Review and Dream Cast”